30-something Therapy started out as a Style Blog (an test blog really, for potential assignment for a client to learn my way around tumblr). But this is not a style blog. Not your typical style blog anyway. This is also not a place to hate on the style blogs either (because we all read them). I hate looking at pictures of myself. Really. Unless I’m acting super silly or self-deprecating. See previous post. But I realize you can’t really tell a story without pictures. And clothes and accessories and shoes ALL tell a story — where we wore something, how we acquired a certain piece. I’m pretty sure that I can attach a memory to each and every piece in my closet (don’t make me blog about it! OK, actually that’s a good idea).

What I really want is a place online where 30-somethings can come together: one part beauty therapy; another part, wardrobe therapy — your general retail therapy things-we’re-all-drooling-over. And that may include pictures of the HELP ME HERE! variety (from me or you). I want to bring you a regular Weekly Therapy to help you through the stressors (sometimes-almost-always that means alcohol). Because, seriously, I need the guidance and spirit-lifting as much as you might. And while I may have my own personal style, and you have yours, I want your feedback — your honesty! Your CHEERS! when I’m feeling sorry about how flat my hair is on a Friday night. Or how large the bags under my eyes have seemingly grown overnight.

We can revel in the changes of our bodies and faces together.

It’s going to happen.

And this is where I stand firm: we’re all in this together, ladies (yes, your hormones too!). Stop the body shaming, the age shaming, the sex shaming — and let’s get back to facing the fears of aging with grace, dignity and camaraderie. Sure, we may “only be 30(enter number here)” but let’s face it, being a 30-something in the blogosphere kinda sucks when you’re surrounded by OODLES of style blogs with 20-year-olds who ALWAYS LOOK PERFECT. And young. So much youth. And tanning.


I’m not perfect, that’s for sure (which is why I seek therapy in the shape of an aesthetician every 6 weeks). I’m all kinds of awkward when it comes to putting myself together… And I definitely can’t do my hair. So, maybe by my being here all helpless, I can help you in the process.

Let us revel in our eye creams.

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