the week:
Happy Valentine’s Day! (to those of you who celebrate). I got my usual cat-card-and-dark-chocolate pairing from the boyfriend *swoon*. And had my six month-cleaning at the dentist (LOADS OF FUN OVER HERE!) Settling in from vacation hasn’t really happened. AT LEAST I GOT THE LAUNDRY FINISHED. I’m sure you can feel me that that was quite an accomplishment in two days. And I’ve been rushing to tidy the house since we’re expecting guests this weekend AND missed our bi-weekly cleaning appointment while we were gone.

Painting estimates and Masonry estimates and Deck Replacing Estimates. Smells like home remodeling season up in here. Picking out paint colors and selecting the order of remodeling projects… in less than a week? SO MUCH PRESSURE. But colors have finally been picked out for all of the rooms on our first and second level (buh-bye orange living room wall).

Tonight is Bowling night! And just when I thought I had a “rest day”… I happened to look at my calendar. *sigh* We still haven’t even been able to grocery shop since we’ve been home, which means take out again tonight. And my favorite crepes place in Pittsburgh for brunch tomorrow (which also means take-home macaroons for me – I’m WINNING!)

We’re hosting friends of ours Saturday night for a “date night” of Mexican proportions. I can never have enough Mexican. But apparently I can have ALL OF THE STRESS. {brown paper bag me, please}

52 weeks o’ books:
10. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I was completely mesmerized by this book… so much so that I want to read it again. This is exactly the type of social psychology that interests me to my core.

But I’m realizing that I’m REALLY lagging behind in my 52-in-52 goal. Need to find some short books for fill-ins. And use my “free” time at work more wisely.

seven things, seven days:
1. We got a new iMac! (it’s so huge TWSS)
2. I have declared a new major with my intended “new” college. Seems it will take me just as much time to complete my Comm degree as it will be to start over with a Psych program. Sounds like the right time to me.
3. Really wanted these stools from World Market. It seems I blinked, and the went on sale and subsequently sold out… MUST FIND TWO.
4. This week, I received notice that I was hired to work (as a development intern) with a local animal rescue organization on a special adoption campaign. SO EXCITED!
5. Found (and bought) a cute striped bikini in California! Even better, it doesn’t tie around the neck. <3 6. 48 Hidden Images in Black Swan (*omg* this is a little creepy, but all kinds of awesome, if you’re a fan of the movie — like me)
7. From Oh Joy! >> Things Worth Splurging on in Your 30s (AGREE WITH THEM ALL! The “perfect” brown leather tall boots still evade me though… *sigh*)

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  • themoderngal

    It takes me weeks, even months to recover from a long vacation these days. Laundry in two days? Gold medal, I say.

    I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m old enough to be buying nicer hair products (nicer than Pantene, anyway). My hair just doesn’t tolerate the cheap stuff anymore.