the week:
I find myself often procrastinating with work and my to-do list; however, I’m subsequently stressed and then feverishly motivated by impending deadlines. It’s a furious cycle that I always intend to fix… yet, I procrastinate even on that. Woof. I’m all ears and eyes for any advice on breaking this terrible habit!

But I suppose that I should congratulate myself on the little successes: my holiday cards are shipped and Christmas shopping is DONE! I even wrapped everything already. Take that, procrastination!

Off to Ohio! (oh, deadlines? yeah, I’ll get to you. Family first.)

52 books update:
Stalled on my reading a bit, but I’ve started two more books. Hoping to find the time to finish at least one this weekend. Damn deadlines.

seven things, seven days:
1. Fascinated and impressed with this post from Seventeenth & Irving: how to pack for 2 weeks in the winter. This is a task that I always struggle with.
2. And then Lauren from aforementioned blog pointed me in the direction of these bobbi brown empties.
3. 5 Questions with author Sally Koslow, via Dr Stephanie’s blog
4. Will definitely be making this spiced chai tea from A Beautiful Mess. YUM!
5. Fruit Cake soap? Fruit Cake soap.
6. I won an attendance prize with my roller derby team for November. Woohoo!
7. Found two small-balance gift cards in my car & rewarded myself with an eggnog latte. It’s like a holiday bonus!

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