the week:
So Pittsburgh won a thing. The thing that they won the season just before we moved there… and now, just after we’ve left. I’M SO MAD THAT I MISSED THAT CELEBRATION!

Cleveland’s also on its way to (possibly) win a thing. And, WHY CAN’T WE EVER LIVE IN A CITY WHEN A TEAM WINS A CHAMPIONSHIP?!

Tomorrow is BACCoon RIDE TRES — a day full of biking, bacon, and booze!

I’m also super excited about my spa pedicure on Sunday. I haven’t had one since before I was marathon training last year (and my weird toenail from Gasparilla has finally grown out). o_O

seven things, seven days:
1. This article about biphobia and bi-erasure really hit me in the gut this week — my gut churns and my heart hurts for what happened in Orlando:

Bisexual people, pansexual people, polysexual people, any non monosexual people, when you worry that you aren’t gay enough, when your identity is erased, when you feel like you don’t fit anywhere… you are not alone.

2. I found out this week that the Cheese Society is having its annual conference in Des Moines next month. And with it, hosting a FESTIVAL OF CHEESE. We already have plans that night and I could just SCREAM.
3. I did Side Crow at yoga!
4. It’s still 90 degrees here all week.
5. Did you hear the one about a $6 Wal-mart wine winning a top award IN THE WORLD? LOLZ
6. I love Brutalist architecture. *swoon* {via aeon}
7. DELIBERATE PRACTICE: The expert (and one of my psychology idols) on being an expert. {via Business Insider}

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  • angela

    Sorry you missed out on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ celebration. It was record breaking ! So many people keeping it classy, no couches being burned in Oakland, no guns getting fired in my neighborhood (this indeed happened when the Steelers won the Super Bowl) and no problems in the streets of South Side. It’s an amazing time to be from da ‘Burgh if you’re a hockey fan. Sorry, I’m just a little Pittsburgh proud!