the week:
I’m so exhausted this week, you guys. What’s up with that?

Tonight is the Tar & Feather party at Wigle, followed by Beauty Slap at James Street Gastropub. Saturday, I FINALLY get to see a Steel City Roller Derby game this season. Sunday evening we’re having dinner hosted by some friends in the neighborhood. And OH GOD, WHEN WILL I DO HOMEWORK.

Pilates Fest is this Sunday at Keystone Health Club in East Pittsburgh. I’m hoping to get most of my homework done on Saturday so that I can attend. There’s also Yoga in the Square and Pride March, if you’re staying around downtown.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#20: Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace (course textbook) — I’m sure it will be a good resource in the future, but… thank god I’m done with it! (I have three books for this one class.)

seven things, seven days:
1. The Aviary’s new Condor Court exhibit is complete and looks to be opening soon — the birds were out testing their new rock structure and ponds!
2. Six-year-old children are exhausting. Maybe that’s what I’m still recovering from?
3. GOT MY NEW MACBOOK! (Happy belated birthday.)
4. I’m on an organizational rampage this week.
5. Ooooh, Knix Wear has a subscription! Probably the best exercise-friendly underwear EVER.
6. Found a new armband for running: this Armpocket Xtreme (yes, in the wild colors) is AMAZING.
7. The Mental Game: great piece to about what sports psychologists are doing at The University of Utah.

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