the week:
How do you shift your thinking amidst a bunch of change? I’ve been really taking in the perspective of others and asking a lot of questions to help guide me through a few transitions — both professional and personal. I don’t necessarily feel stuck but I don’t feel as though I’m making any meaningful progress either. I have made it a priority, however, to start getting all the info I need to go to grad school. Spreadsheets are made and envelopes of program brochures are sitting in my mail pile. I’m not yet paralyzed… but I’m certainly feeling a little overwhelmed.

Anyone know a life/career coach who helps with the grad school application process?

Long weekend, everybody! We originally had plans to drive to Ohio for a party, but that got canceled. So I’ve got a lot of NOTHING TO DO… in my hammock. Buh-bye, summer. Don’t let the door hit ya. And would you mind taking out that 90-degree/100% humidity garbage?

52 books in 52 weeks:
#31: Are You Fully Charged? by Tom Rath – I received this book for review via NetGalley. Since I enjoyed Rath’s StrengthFinder book so much from my personal development work, I expected this to be equally as inspiring.

The first couple sections of the book resonated, and I was particularly interested in what Rath categorizes as “energy”… but the result of that was either heavy on personal anecdotes that didn’t really add much or regurgitated info that I’ve learned from other books (and from my interest in positive psychology). Like, I GET IT ALREADY: I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP. When someone tells me a HOW that works, then maybe it will be ground-breaking book info.

Hashtag, not getting enough sleep.

seven things, seven days:
1. Did you know that in Pittsburgh you have to renew your library card? My procrastination framework is firmly integrated. Coincidence that it’s National Library Card Sign Up Month?
2. Why did I feel so much worse the day after my 4-mile run than I did after my 14-mile run? WHY.
3. Why are health insurance companies the worst? My claims were denied for the same blood panel I get every year, albeit with my new insurance, and they won’t even apply the $550 payment towards my out-of-pocket expenses or deductible. THE WORST.
4. Why does this make me feel like shit (but I totally get it)? Read: How ‘transference’ makes you hard to live with.
5. A depressing – but hopefully a means for reflection – opinion piece in the New York Times: How Not to Be Alone. I just realized this is from 2013. Why am I just reading it now?
6. Copywriter to Performance Psychologist… Wait, whose life is this? Sustainable High Performance: Five Questions with Matt Fellows {via}
7. Did you know the GRE costs $195?! The hell.

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