the week:
I am currently over-dosing on orange juice to combat this cold or whatever plague is fighting with my respiratory system. It’s the nasty kind of pre-sickness, where you’re super exhausted but toss-and-turn in bed for 8 hours unable to sleep.

If I end up napping in child’s pose this weekend during yoga just LEAVE ME BE.

Waldo_finds himself

Two special yoga sessions scheduled: LA’s return to SHPY and a blindfold session at Urban Elements.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#10 Kluge: The Haphazard Evolution of the Human Mind — required book for one of my theory classes, but it was actually a really interesting look at the “clumsy” evolution and nature of our brains.

#11 The Art of Mental Training: The Guide to Performance Excellence. This book fell flat on several levels, but there were some good take-aways and practical exercises. Although, man do I hate chapters full of conversational quotes — this is why I read non-fiction! I don’t want to read a movie script.

seven things, seven days:
1. Hallelujah, it was house cleaners week!
2. Went to #burgh this week at Point Park University, and it really invigorated some creative ideas on how to better use our social space at work. I love being inspired like that. Also I got to meet @sree!
3. Received a dividends email from REI, which prompted me to buy a waterproof jacket for spring running. Mostly because I do not want a repeat of that RnR race. Ever.
4. Finishing up one of my classes this week (woo!), and starting some kind of torturous human resources management course next week.
5. Speaking of new classes, a new low on required textbooks: this one cost me over $200 (just ONE book) and it’s seriously 3-4 inches thick. For a SIX WEEK COURSE. (Double-u, tee, eff.)
6. Maple Water: IS THIS REAL LIFE?! Heck yeah, I’ll buy this.
7. My friend did a really amazing thing this week — 235 burpees for charity!

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