the week:
I finally went to Scarehouse! Four years of being in Pittsburgh, and a friend who works there took me. We also did The Basement, which… well, I’ll leave it for you to experience.

Question for you to ponder: What is your greatest fear?

While we were visiting Scarehouse, we were asked to participate in a research study about fear emotions. The researcher hooked us up to an EEG headset, and as a pair, we took a series of “tests” before and after touring the haunt. Interesting addition to an already-interesting evening, nonetheless.

scarehouse bunny selfie
Scarehouse is scary.

Friday night was the season opening of Pittsburgh Ballet, with Sleeping Beauty. How awesome for the boyfriend, to celebrate his birthday with me and the ballet? *wink* Have I mentioned how much I want to do adult ballet classes? I think I’m going to start soon, especially since we get a discount with our subscription to PBT. We had dinner before the show at Grit & Grace downtown, which I am just in love with — and I can find multiple items every visit that are gluten-free! See also: ONION RINGS (!!!)

Otherwise, I’ll be getting a head-start on assignments, so I’m not concerned with them while I’m traveling next weekend (ha, right).

seven things, seven days:
1. I ran five miles. Does that deserve an exclamation point? Less than a month away from my 15k. I had to query other runners about nipple chafing, btw. So…
2. Apparently you make a lot of friends on twitter when you ask people about nipple chafing.
3. We cleaned the fridge TWICE and cannot find the source of a deathly smell. The boyfriend and I will be flipping a coin to see who opens and cleans the ice maker.
4. 90% on my Statistics mid-term. WHO AM I???
5. Non-petroleum jelly does NOT effectively combat nipple chafing. TMYK.
6. Finished Redirect: The surprising new science of psychological change. I don’t think I’ve highlighted so much information in one book!
7. A topic that I’ve been talking a lot about lately with friends and family. Because, I don’t think many of us are prepared. We’re older, but not wiser about menopause. {via

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