the week:
I went to a wonderful Levo League event this week focused on goals and resolutions for 2015. With the help of a life coach, we did partner exercises similar to what I’m learning in my coaching class — using the 5-W Questions to help one another get to the root cause of our resolutions. For many of us it’s an emotion or feeling that is underlying, and well… MAN it is difficult to actively listen and figure out what to ask next. That said, I got a LOT out of the session, and I really put myself out there to be receptive to the process. It is difficult enough to leave the house to meet new people, but recently I’ve felt re-energized in my pursuits to own my weaknesses and face them (mine: social anxiety and looking foolish in front of strangers) and meet new people. Anyways… wow, this could easily be its own post.

Regardless, I left with one big personal takeaway from the emotional session, prompted by the discussion from the coach: BE MORE FUN.

That’s loaded, eh?

I have Pippin tickets tonight, and that is complemented by the Gallery Crawl; I will probably eat all the fried things at Grit & Grace too, since they’re batter everything with tapioca flour. My last day at work and farewell party is Saturday… it’s bittersweet. I promise that I’m getting in a training run on Sunday though! OH yeah, and homework natch.

52 books, 52 weeks:
#4. Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck. There were some really good parts in this book about how to reframe your situation — especially when emotionally (over) charged — and lesson on how being the nicer person is better for everyone (but more-so yourself). Most of the wit felt forced, however, which left a lot of intended jokes not so funny. Also, that dating chapter, while partially rooted in sociology and science, made me visibly cringe; I felt those topics to be wholly unnecessary and, frankly, out of touch. But I am neither author or sociologist.

seven things, seven days:
1. My application to be a FitFluential Ambassador was accepted! WOO!
2. I was also asked to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador to their community too. Two amazing communities of which to be a part.
3. My favorite coach is leaving my CrossFit gym. I have the sads.
4. BOB SEGER! Life achievement seeing him in concert: unlocked.
5. I need to make a decision on car vs. bus for commuting to my new job. I first typed “car vs. bar” I’ll have you know. That’s a fun slip.
6. Did a little (bit too much) credit card damage this week, since I need office-appropriate clothes and shoes for my new job. It’s been fun trying to figure out what my Office Style is at this stage of my life.
7. Wow. A striking read on marriage, middle age, and happiness. {via Pacific Standard}

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