the week:
I’ve had one helluva week. I got really sick last weekend, but felt OK by Monday morning (despite not being able to eat for the duration of Sunday). Tuesday, I left midway through my day with major chills and fever symptoms, and then had to take Wednesday off altogether. I felt SO much better to return again Thursday and complete the week (and my annual performance review), but now I need to make up some work hours over the weekend and try not to lose a lung with these random coughing fits.

And I totally hulked out of a Banana Republic silk cardigan, splitting it from the armpit down the side.

SEE?! One helluva week.

Try to get my marathon training started with a couple easy workouts, and thankfully an extra long weekend to get my shit together with the Monday holiday. We’ll be hunkered down and cranking up the heat in anticipation of a major ice storm expecting to hit late Sunday.

seven things, seven days:
How about 7 things I watched when I was home sick this week?
1. Magic Mike XXL
2. Days of Our Lives (lolz)
3. 3 hours of Property Brothers
4. Some kind of donut baking challenge show on the FOOD Network
5. Thelma & Louise
6. Along Came Polly
7. You Got Mail

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