the week:
The stinky corpse flower was blooming at the Phipps Conservatory this week. Of course I waited three hours in line to smell it. If you didn’t get out, it’s already too late (smell ya later, Romero!). My friend and I visited within 24 hours of its bloom announcement (Stink Gram?), and it was already starting to close up. If you’re unfamiliar with the Amorphophallus titanum, it only blooms once every 6-10 years — and only for around 24-48 hours.

Be tee dubs, whomever is handling their twitter account is brilliant.


My Tough Mudder is Saturday (ack!) — thought I’d be more excited. But honestly, I’m worn out. My body is worn out. At this point, I’m just hoping not to pass out mid-mud obstacle.

Sunday, we finally are “interviewing” another house cleaner. See above comment about being worn out. I never thought that a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath house would be too much for one person. It’s too, too much house for me to get a handle on, especially with three cats. I’m not too shamed to admit that. And that’s why life gave us professional house cleaners.

Otherwise, I’ll be over here doing yoga on the bridge.

52 Books in 52 Weeks:
Yeah, I’m seriously behind (don’t judge me!). But I started reading Rust Belt Chic: a Cleveland Anthology as result of my trip to CLE. More reading for my fellow rust belt city homies: Belt Magazine.

seven things, seven days:
1. Painters again. Gawd, I’m tired. BUT OMG I HAVE A YELLOW DOOR!
2. In the process of redesigning our patio space… again. Garden tour is in three weeks. FML.
3. Is there nothing better than finding a dress that just fits. like. a. glove? It really is amazing when you can purchase something and not have to tailor a damn thing (dress definitely not that short IRL). I wish I had all of the monies to shop Shoshanna for all of the things.
4. Forgive me, hair gods, for I have sinned; it’s been nearly 30 weeks since my last cut and color. I’ve had to reschedule my hair appointment twice in two weeks. Third time, the charm?
5. This post couldn’t be more timely: Are Dining Rooms Dead? {via BrightNest}
6. THIS. For all of the pet owners out there.
7. Speaking to my heart here: Writing & Speaking for Introverts {via Art of Non-conformity}

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