the week:
Thanksgiving! No Turkey Trots for me this year, as we’re hosting some friends that are also staying in town — and my dad decided to fly out to Des Moines to join us! So, I’m on airport and hosting duties (but I did get my morning miles in to offset all those calories). I ended up getting to use PTO for Friday, too, so I have a very short work week!

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My dad is staying through Saturday, so we hope to do a little sight-seeing to show off our new city! On Black Friday, there is a Market Day Iowa pop-up in Capital Square — featuring a bunch of local artists and vendors. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday deals for yourself?

A week off from racing, but I plan to get out for a preview run of the Nature Center in Council Bluffs for my 12-miler this Sunday with a couple of fellow Turkeys.

seven things, seven days:
1. Pumpkin Cranberry Way Better chips season!!!!!!!
2. So thankful for my biweekly chats with my running coach. I was feeling a lot of anxiety about my upcoming trail race, and she helped remind me about the excitement and fun factor of doing a new challenge. I lose sight of that far too often.
3. I took a new cardio-based yoga class this week at my gym… and it was awful. -_-
4. I’ve also had an awful experience with Trunk Club and finally requested a new stylist. I am still not very impressed. I guess that I expected more from a Nordstrom service.
5. This article about psychologists Kahneman & Tversky got me all excited about Michael Lewis’ upcoming new book! {via Vanity Fair}
6. Just in time for Turkey Day: The Psychology of Comfort Food {via Luvo blog}
7. Tis the season to buy your loved ones discounted race registrations!

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