the week:
The formulation of a prospectus for my senior capstone project has been overwhelming. While I have a good idea of my final project, filling in all the parts of what I’ve learned so far in my program, I feel troubled at being able to pull this all together in less than 6 weeks. Mind you, there’s nothing else to work on in this course aside from the capstone project, but BOY do I need the miracle of time and project management on my side (and BOY would a project management course had been helpful in this program). My other course is the Psychology of Motivation and already getting some really interesting info about motives (how can I also work these concepts into my prospectus?).



But guys? MY LAST TWO CLASSES. In 6 weeks, my week and weekend reports will no longer be filled with homework (but likely more than enough grad school application stuff to keep you entertained!).

Tying up some loose ends on aforementioned prospectus. We’ve got tickets to the Indians vs. Pirates on July 4th, along with a BBQ/tailgate with our Pittsburgh Browns Backers prior to the game. I also have a 90-minute massage scheduled.

Otherwise, I’ve mostly stayed out of what’s going on around town this weekend (I mean, aside from You Gotta Regatta because can we really ever get away from that during the holiday weekend?).

52 books in 52 weeks:
I’m halfway to my goal — and I’m on track!
#26: After Perfect: A Daughter’s Memoir by Christina McDowell. This was a TOTALLY gratuitous, guilty pleasure read, and I finished it in one day. Non-fiction, and a really interesting complement (and perspective) for those who are familiar with “The Wolf of Wall Street” story.

seven things, seven days:
1. Four-day workweek!
2. Uh, did some damage to my shopping budget this month: splurged on a TRX Home system (but I got a $50 discount towards it!), some new yoga accessories, and a couple pieces from this month’s (awesome, tropical printed) Fabletics collection. ACK. At least it wasn’t on a credit card? Note: contains referral link.
3. I am committed to putting the EXACT amount I spent towards paying off a credit balance too (in keeping with my July intentions).
4. We hired someone (who came highly referred from another company we work with) to take out a tree on our side patio. Welp, he never showed up!
5. ERMAGAHD, speaking of roots… I finally got my hair done (and it’s more platinum than ever!).
6. That’s one way to a fountain of youth: Older athletes have a young fitness age {via New York Times}
7. Mark Reagan on Tim Brownson’s site posting about the Laws of AttractionWhat universe just exploded? {via A Daring Adventure}

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