the week:
A recurring theme around education here these days: FINALS WEEK! Two of my classes are ending this week (thank the Spreadsheets Gods), and I begin my Social Psychology course next week (so excite!). This runs in concert to my Business Writing class, which… meh, another 6 weeks of that. BUT only two classes at one time (instead of three) will bring a brief air of sanity. Ahhhh.

WTF I have to work Friday NIGHT. But: yoga in the park on Saturday again AND we get to go dresser shopping now that the new bed is up, and we found someone to take all the old furniture away!

Oh, Monday is also supposed to be the start date of our renovations for our guest space. FUN TIMES ARE COMING.

seven things, seven days:
1. We downsized to a Queen bed, and I think everyone is adjusting well. The sleeping arrangements are certainly cramped when ALL THREE cats want to be in the bed at once. But the smaller bed is a much better fit for the smaller spaces of our rowhouse and an opportunity for this couple to work on closeness.
2. I gave my first presentation for school without using notes or a script. This is such a huge accomplishment for me, as I am a terrible (and nervous) public speaker.
3. To enhance my relationships with friends and promote better conversations online, I thinned out my follow list. I already feel less overwhelmed with social media.
4. Sun sets at, like, 9pm these days. What are you doing with this much daylight? Please enjoy it on my behalf while I’m doing homework.
5. Almost through Season Two of Orange is the New Black. SO GOOD. Now back to homework.
6. IMPORTANT: Stop telling your depressed friends to “Cheer up!” {via NY Mag: Science of US}
7. “You are the only custodian of your own integrity” from {explore blog} on the topic of Authentic Voice

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