the week:
Oh, heyyyy! It’s been a few weeks. I finally started introducing runs into my workouts this week, and also getting back into the swing of blogging since my marathon. I also had a wonderful trip back “home” over last weekend to celebrate with family our recent marriage.

post marathon training blog

We’ve got a formal event this weekend (yay, another dress up weekend!) — and I’ve got both roads and trails planned with my Strider & Turkey buddies (yay, 70-degree temperatures!).

Tonight and throughout the weekend is also the annual Des Moines Arts Festival. Lots of YAY!

seven random thoughts from marathon training:
1. The cliché is true: Put. Glide. EVERYWHERE. And then put it everywhere else.
2. Why does my shoulder joint hurt when I’m running? Probably time to do a running form assessment with someone.
3. I was so used to being hungry ALL THE TIME. I’m eating like half the calories I was a month ago.
4. My weight dipped below 120 pounds for the first time in over a decade… and then my bathroom scale broke, so I have no idea what I currently weigh post-marathon.
5. I broke out in a rash from sunscreen during my 22-mile run. That makes 3 different scenarios of rashes that I experienced in this training cycle… which means I probably have to visit an allergist to figure out what is going on with my immune system (again).
6. Remember that time I got stung by a wasp? Haaaaaa. This marathon cycle really had it all.
7. I still like running! ?

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