the week:
The big news of the week was our announcement of our move to Iowa! Yes, Iowa! Today, we close on our new house in the Des Moines area (which, I unfortunately couldn’t travel back for, and we had to rush to get a power of attorney for the signing). And we also already accepted an offer on our Pittsburgh house (inspection happened this morning!). Things are moving super fast, you guys. More gushing about my new city to come!

iowa t-shirt

Using my remaining weekends to meet up and celebrate with local friends, since I only have a couple weeks left in Pittsburgh. Tonight, a dessert crawl to celebrate a friend’s birthday; tomorrow, Mexican for brunch; Sunday, hanging out at our new neighborhood coffee shop (and eating all the gluten-free goat baked goods!) with some neighbor-friends.

seven things, seven days:
1. Found a gluten-free bakery down in Sarasota, and they made OMG incredible cranberry walnut muffins. Wish I could have brought back 18 of them.
2. I am sincerely smoothie inept. Every recipe that I try tastes nothing like a smoothie. Any tips?
3. Because we were showing the house, we’ve, err… stored some things in unusual places to tidy up quickly. Tonight, I found a dead cat grass plant in the kitchen linen basket underneath the sink. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
4. Did I mention that I don’t have to pack for this move? There is a God!
5. I do, however, need to drive 12 hours with 3 cats in the car, so the universe is in balance.
6. These tips are good to save a few thousand a year (with some healthy side effects). But I wish it was stuff I wasn’t already doing, so that I could find a way to squeeze more savings from my already-stretched (and soon-to-be gone) income. {via Prevention}
7. This list, on the other hand… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ {via Huffington Post}

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