the week:
Winter semester (and, well, WINTER) is upon us. My first class started on Monday, and in a couple weeks I’ll begin two more. Two semesters to go! Also, this week marks the return to roller derby. Can you believe tryouts are already next week? We held our introductory meeting (in my tiny house!) this week, and I announced my final season and leaving my post as team Captain. I loved our leadership team last season, but I really needed to step down from those responsibilities to maintain extra focus on school and upcoming graduation.

Looking forward to the Frigid 5 Miler in North Park this Sunday!

52 books in 52 weeks:
Let’s try this again, shall we?
1. Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose by John Whitmore. Recommended/required as part of my Psychology course this semester — yes, I got a head-start on my reading — this book provoked a greater interest in performance as it pertains to organizational coaching through Whitmore’s GROW framework: goals, reality, options, and will — through context of awareness and responsibility.

2. Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality by Samuel Barondes. It was an quick easy read — with a lot of footnotes and references (almost 100 pages!!!) — but not very instructional in “how” to actually read people. Not required or technical reading by any means, but informational to the novice or “armchair” psychologist. I enjoyed the profiles of Benjamin Franklin and the comparisons of presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; likewise, the expanding of the Big Five personality traits was engaging (and I followed a link to another personality quiz included in the book). Otherwise, the book left me unsatisfied.

I also started and abandoned two other books because, boring… and WOW are we dead at work right now.

Does anyone else love the movie Less Than Zero as much as me?

seven things, seven days:
2. Surprisingly not very sore after my first derby practice back… and I had to re-test my minimum skills. Won’t take a 90+ day break again!
3. We had two weather-related work delays this week, at two hours a piece. The days did not go any faster, and, well, it’s fricking freezing.
4. I put in my notice at work, by the way. MORE LATER.
5. Because of winter, I finally got to break in my new Sorel boots. These things are legit!
6. The subtle art of not giving a… well, you know. Strong language alert, so likely NSFW. {via Mark Manson}
7. Long-form, interesting and a must-read: Has Technology Killed the Jewelry Industry? {via Pacific Standard}

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