the week:
My buddy Glen Hansard spoke those words {see post title} in Pete Holmes’ podcast You Made it Weird. A beautiful sentiment, no? He’s so dreamy. But seriously, I’ve been ruminating on those words for a week.

Nonetheless, interesting to think about mastery in terms of love — and not just in loving other human beings. Becoming passionate about something comes with the process of mastery, but you don’t necessarily love it any less when it kicks you down or breaks your heart. That continuous growth is what keeps it exciting, fulfilling, challenging, content… what keeps you humble. All the things that keep romantic love alive just the same. No more philosophical thinking from me. Much to anxious this week.

Saturday morning is the Fineview Step Challenge — a course that is one part road race, one part trail race and another part obstacle course. Not to mention the many, MANY flights of stairs. I loved doing this one last year. Of course, I’ll be taking it easy and enjoying the view (and the hot chocolate) from the top.

I still need to pull out my Halloween decorations from the basement too.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#34: Wild by Cheryl Strayed — I LOVED this book, and was entertained and engaged throughout. While her personality is mostly annoying (at times, even repulsive), I enjoyed reading about the characters in the story and how those connections impacted her growth. To be honest, I’ve longed to become a hiker since I love the outdoors so much, and this book — while wholly improbable for an over-planner like me — provided a little kick-in-the-ass to start somewhere. Is there a hiking group in Pittsburgh?

seven things, seven days:
1. I started my week IN A POOL. Outdoors. In Western Pennsylvania. Oh, did I mention it’s OCTOBER. I savored every moment.
2. I also started my week with a gnarly drinking-induced sickness. Woof. No more wine pairings with a 7-course dinner.
3. I also took a vacation day this week; though this week still feels long.
4. Got notice as well about having to move my office soon-ish. I figured it was inevitable, and thankfully I still have an office. With a door.
5. Last weekend, to unplug, I deleted my social media apps off my phone. I still haven’t put them back, although since coming home I find myself going to Facebook via the browser from time-to-time. Certainly, much less than usual though. While I feel “unplugged,” I also feel wholly disengaged. I’m texting more, ironically.
6. Have you guys tried FLYJOY bars yet? I AM OBSESSED.
7. IMPACTFUL: The Digital Breakup {via The School of Enough}

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  • Erin

    Thanks so much for the link! Your content is really great. I’ve enjoyed reading through your recent posts. I’m about to do a little update on the Digital Breakup, so stay tuned.