the week:
The deck boards are gone in the start of our resurfacing project. It unearthed an unsightly mess — and a much bigger problem. Which I guess is just more of the same in this home ownership experience.


But I think the boyfriend and I both decided to just tear it all down and start some greenspace. It will be raised because of the existing fill dirt and retainer wall and there will be more money paid to change the zoning and to go through historical review process (again)… I think it might be worth. Starting over, at least seems like the right call.

Oh, did I also mention that our air conditioning unit’s compressor went last week? Yeah, that was another $250 put back into the house *cries*

Anyways, I can’t wait until the 1800GotJunk guys get this shit out of my courtyard and get my weekend started.

Friday, 42nd Street date night with the boyfriend tonight. I GET TO SEE JOEY FATONE.
Saturday: work. meh.
Outdoor skating on Sunday! (no rain no rain no rain no rain) We’re also going to look at a cabinet currently for sale (with an amazing offer to refinish to our liking too). We wanted something tall and interesting to add to our dining room. We’ll see!

And enjoying the rest of this:
dr frank wine

52 books in 52 weeks:
Really super-close to finishing #14 Bonk: the Curious Coupling of Science & Sex by Mary Roach – GREAT BOOK! I can’t wait to read her others.

seven things, seven days:
1. I participated in a twitter chatt with Simple Skin Care and the One2One Network — and I ended up winning a gift basket. WOO!
2. Uploaded all pics to flickr on my day off. Whew. So many pictures stored on my iphone from the last three years. Like, 1000 more to go.
3. Passport photos and application – sending today! Expedited fees, woof.
4. My bandages were finally removed from my face. I’m feeling very… weird. The boyfriend didn’t even notice, so I guess that’s a good start. Or, it’s just SO MUCH BETTER than all that bruising and swelling, that this is now my good face.
5. What do you do with excess of rhubarb from your CSA? Make strawberry-rhubarb banana bread, of course.
6. Beauty of life did a First Look Friday feature with Older Girl Beauty.
7. Interesting and appropriate article from National Post: The psychology of buying a home: why do we love one place and not another? I can tell you, like, 832 reasons why I wanted to buy another house… but we got this one.

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