the week:
Feeling incredibly inspired this week. And, like, fist-pump-the-sky happy. I feel like I’m going to accomplish a lot of crap this weekend. *fist bump*

Birthday #latergram

Birthday #latergram

Oh my, do I have some relaxation planned for my weekend! I’m also looking forward to Beauty Slap’s LP release at Cattivo on Saturday night AND finally getting in at my tailor for alterations (seriously). It’s only taken me since January!

52 books in 52 weeks:
#15: The Three Marriages. I disliked this book. A lot. The author both exhausted and bored me. I am glad that I finished it, however, as the final chapter had some valuable insights.

I love that Goodreads has a book tracker function in its yearly reading challenge, for me to set my goals and see how many books I’ve read so far. Not too terrible on my challenge, by the way, only 4 books behind schedule.

Moving on…

seven things, seven days:
1. Welp, I’m officially signed up for my second half marathon. Destination: Cleveland.
2. Submitted my application for graduation. Guess I should start seriously looking at grad programs.
3. Ahem. Another straight A semester!
4. For my birthday, the boyfriend bought me my first outfit from lululemon. Ladies, I *totally* get it now, why you spend $90 on a pair of yoga pants. These things are AMAZING (for my butt).
5. I am also the proud owner of a new iPhone 6 and matching rose gold MacBook (shipping TBD). Hashtag, spoiled.
6. There’s so much outdoor yoga happening this summer around Pittsburgh. Yoga every weekend!
7. I like this: The unexpected pleasure of doing things alone. {via The Atlantic}

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