the week:
Feeling really sleep deprived, but inspired and grateful and hopeful about a lot of things (see what some new paint and some shopping can do?!). There are three weeks left in Fall semester before a two-weekish break. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

We legit opened up a mini bottle of champagne and toasted the end of this construction. I slept in until 9am on my day off this week. Ahhhhh.

Off to Buffalo to do some early holiday gathering and socializing. I’ll also be running the Christmas Story Virtual 10K while I’m up there — for the full Cleveland experience, if you will.

seven things, seven days:
1. Any one else tired of their inbox this week? UNSUBSCRIBE.
2. But definitely not the reminder email about the Naked on the Run palette. MINE!
3. Received an early Christmas present at Thanksgiving — 16 (16!!!) champagne flutes. Err, I guess we have to host a brunch or NYE party now (or maybe we should have invited the neighbors over to toast our renovation). WHO WANTS MIMOSAS?!
4. Yes, I know, YELLING. I am nothing if not emphatic.
5. StitchFix WIN this week: a winter coat, black collarless blazer, lace-sleeved blouse, velvet-flocked animal print pants and another light sweater.
6. Well I guess I picked a good activity! Here’s to growing old and awesome and active! {via NY Times}
7. Benefits of being a curious person {via Huffington Post}

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