the week:
To-do notes EVERYWHERE have been saving my sanity this week. I’m finding myself being overwhelmed very easily right now and scheduling my days down to the hour. Taper madness, perhaps?

MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING IN FOR HER BABY SHOWER! Imma be snuggling up to baby belly this weekend. And drinking some fine ass tea (and fake-eating crumpets) during her party.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, tonight is the quarterly Gallery Crawl and PDP Night Market downtown.

seven things, seven days:
1. La Bayadere was the most beautiful ballet that I’ve ever seen. I was moved to tears in Act III. Bravo, Pittsburgh Ballet.
2. I rearranged my attic because I need an office space and there is no better way to procrastinate on homework than moving furniture around by yourself!
3. Return of Run/Yoga Club together and on Wednesday evenings at Urban Elements!
4. Kind of freaking out about not getting an email confirmation from Pittsburgh Marathon peeps. While I can look my bib number up online and pick up with my ID, I feel… left out.
5. And my apologies that I can’t really spend the time that I want on this post today…
6. This seemed appropriate for the week: Self-affirmations may calm jitters and boost performance.
7. And what IS the right dose of exercise, btw? {via NYT blog}

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