the week:
The background colors and layout here at 30-something Therapy were bothering me for a long time. I contacted a few designers about tweaking the blog, but got some serious sticker shock. I decided to figure it out on my own…

So, check out my new site layout — mobile-enhanced now too! And please let me know if something is wonky.

Speaking of new layouts, we met with a contractor about possibly recreating the space on our second level. It’s a weird layout and really doesn’t define a first and second bedroom, mostly because of 12 foot glass doors separating the two spaces, but also because of a terrible bathroom addition. We can’t really do much with our attic space either because of space (and possible historical) constraints. He had some great suggestions, and would solve the problem for us using the space we have — AND only 3-4 months of stress! Next up is a meeting with an architect.

A little happy hour with derby buddies on Friday night and an EPIC bottle share with friends on Saturday. Hangover on Sunday, natch. True story: we had to go buy two more dining room chairs to fit our anticipated party size.

seven things, seven days:
1. I am love with this all-natural hot chocolate mix from Silly Cow.
2. Is there nothing better than coming home to a professionally-cleaned house? Especially so when you plan to host 15 guests on the weekend.
3. Finally had x-rays for lingering, nagging derby injuries on my left hand and foot. No visible fractures, so likely ligament damage on each (blargh). So much healing time.
4. Signed up for unlimited month at CrossFit, which includes a strength training program. Did you know that I can deadlift 133 pounds?! Me neither.
5. There is a thing called rice nog from the brand Rice Dream (I use rice milk in my cereal). I *squeed* a delightful squee when I found it in the grocery store. And thoroughly embarrassed myself in the presence of strangers.
6. Special order: Bulleit boubon truffles from Sinful Sweets. Mmm-hmm, that’s right.
7. Who are the “Masters of Sex”? I’ve been wanting to download and watch this Showtime series about Masters and Johnson. Sunday’s hangover might be the perfect opportunity.

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