the week:
My main goal this week was to get a massage. Of course, my usual therapist is on vacation, so I scheduled a late-Tuesday appointment with another lady in the office. I’ve been stretching and rolling and walking and generally still feel pretty crappy. Considering I don’t normally feel soreness after my runs, this is giving me major anxiety about the half marathon in a couple weeks.

More Cherry Blossom pictures!

More Cherry Blossom pictures!

Boyfriend and I have ballet tickets for La Bayadere tonight; otherwise, Holy moly, I don’t have anywhere to go or be, and I’m going to keep it that way. (Naturally, there will be homework.)

52 books in 52 weeks:
#13: Finding Ultra by Rich Roll — if only for this passage, but for so much, much more:

“Surrender is a beautiful movement in which you gracefully, willfully, languidly fall, only to find midway that you have been gathered in some unimaginable embrace. Surrender is letting go, whether or not you believe the embrace will occur. It’s trust to the hundredth power — not sticking to your idea of the outcome, but letting go in the faith that even the absence of an outcome will be the perfect solution.”

The first Rich Roll podcast I listened to, I was immediately drawn to him (and his voice provokes some sort of meditative trance). Of course I had to read his book. I don’t think I’ve ever been more affected so soulfully by someone’s story to find my own meaning and what I am capable of — this book has transformed so much of my thinking. Some chapters I found myself unable to breathe; some weird empathetic response? No clue. But something in me has changed.

seven things, seven days:
1. THIS APP >>>>> Disposable Camera.
2. Decision Fatigue: The struggle is real, 30-somethings.
3. Thinking about (planning!) a 30-day challenge for after the half AND a 100 Day Project.
4. Made a MAJOR splurge for one of those special edition PopSugar MustHave boxes. Aaaaand I’m now on a spending freeze.
5. Last week of Social Sciences research! I really wish I had the time and opportunity in this class to do a content analysis. Another day, another course possibly.
6. A fascinating series The Ten Today, referencing the Ten Commandments of modern society, the “Thou Shalt Not Covet” article about money and its connection to happiness is mostly old news — but goes deeper about what DOES buy happiness. {via Deseret News National}
7. In the essence of savoring the moment, Stop Multitasking. {via Entrepreneur}

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