the week:
The boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday. He was excited about buying a second house for his big day — the vacant property behind us that is currently listed in the treasurer’s sale, to eventually use as a guest suite-slash-investment. I’m still warming up to the idea of taking care of two houses, what with the difficulty we already have with one. But soon enough, I’ll be back in school, making my own financial mistakes. LOLZ.

Anyway, the treasurer sale was this morning, and I received a text message around 11am that read: We only own 1 home.

I can’t wait to hear this story! You too?

I have to work all weekend, so… hashtag, annoyed.

We have a Halloween party scheduled for Saturday night, but I honestly don’t think we’re going to go. How lame is that? I’ve been alternating days on feeling well, then being sick again, and repeat. We’ll just use our costumes for trick or treat next week… WHICH IS ALSO OUR TWO YEAR HOUSE ANNIVERSARY.

seven things, seven days:
1. Brownberry sandwich thins are my new favorite thing. NO CRUST is where it’s at.
2. I surprised the boyfriend with tickets for a lecture series featuring Steve Wozniak. He was pretty psyched. AND the tickets were free. WIN.
3. Birthdays mean SUSHI! My favorite sushi is still House of Hunan in Akron, Ohio (thanks to the boyfriend for that one). So glad that I made that part of the boyfriend’s birthday plans this week.
4. I found a sweater organizer (finally) for my closet. It’s coming together, even if it’s still over-packed. I don’t want to talk about when I was putting it INTO the closet that the other hanging organizer in there collapsed and ALL OF THE THINGS went tumbling to the floor. Sigh.
5. I have to return 2 out of 3 items from my recent World Market order because of wrong and/or broken items. Ugh. #dumb
6. We’re not allowed to dress up for our Halloween event at my part-time job. Whomp whomp. LIES! Now we are allowed!
7. Remember the #barenaked campaign from Stylish White Female? A reporter from Point Park News Service wrote about it. And published my no-makeup selfie.

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