I’ve managed to make it to that part of the year where a daily hot chocolate is a necessity. So bad.
Oooh, wait. Is it eggnog season now?
I’m in big trouble.

hot chocolate_yum

the week:
I had a great game on Sunday (even if we lost by 11 points); I was jamming for most of the bout. This reminds me that I still have to tell you all about roller derby.

I picked up extra shifts at work — and my one day off, my cleaners wake me up at 9am o_O… I am still holding back some furious rage toward the USPS (synonymous with anger) for not delivering two different packages from two different dates (one, a personalized care package from a friend). This, after three rescheduled redeliveries; to which, they never redelivered… I know because I was waiting around ALL DAY. And now, apparently a missing package says my local branch. Grrr.

But, one week until thanksgiving = one week until vacation!

Locally, it’s Light Up Night to celebrate the “beginnings” of holiday season in downtown Pittsburgh. Aka: let’s have some mexican and get drunk off margaritas then walk around and freeze our butts off… night. Or, at least that’s how last year looked.

I anticipate feeling just about as wonderful in the morning as last year. And then go spinning. And then go to Friendsgiving.

seven things, seven days:
1. Had an Emotional Health Check-up? This is just as important as your regular medical care.
2. I won a totally random giveaway this week from 3M: a safety kit. Pictures with goggles soon to come! (this also means that maybe there’s a dresser refinishing project in my future)
3. Reservations for Poogan’s Porch when in Charleston. Yes, I’m squeeing. Vacation. You are so close.
4. I’m also this much closer to Moon Pies.
5. Not gonna lie, I about lost my mind when seeing this recipe for TWO INGREDIENT Eggnog Muffins. TWO. Big love for this brand of easy cooking.
6. Penny Pincher Fashion has her Winter Survival Kit posted. It’s time.
7. Through a friend, found a Facebook group for women “recycling” their Lilly clothing. I scored a pair of pink capris – NWT! Kinda excited to finally fulfill this missing item from my “wants” list.

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