the week:
Five days straight of roller derby. Whew. I’m exhausted.

Oh, and my nose is severely bruised (hopefully not broken, but ouch). Not dealing with that until I’m home from California. I also found myself in tears again in the middle of practice out of total anger and frustration after a drill. Then the next practice I smashed my knee on the rink floor (yes, even with knee pads). W.T.F. This week is picking on me.

Day trip to Philly for banked track training camp. We’re playing two banked track games in San Diego (we are part of WFTDA, a flat track league), so we need to LEARN how to skate that type of track beforehand. This is on my derby bucket list, so I am excite.

Then, napping all of the hours on Sunday. What super bowl? Pffft. Oh, I probably should get some packing done for Cali. (I’m going to try to fit in meeting an out-of-town, visiting-someone-else friend for brunch too.)

This weekend is also GROUNDHOG DAY. Man, one year I have to drive up to Punxsutawney to experience that madness. Also, I spelled that correctly on my first try! If you can’t make it to see Phil in person, Groundhog Day (the amazing movie starring Bill Murray) is playing tonight at the Hollywood theater in Dormont.

52 books in 52 weeks:
9. The Widow Clicquot by Tilar J. Mazzeo. 304 pages. LONG pages. Woof. I never thought I’d finish this book. I was anticipating reading it for weeks (while it was checked out of my branch for a month or so by someone else); what a let-down.

seven things, seven days:
1. Started my 30 days of waking up before 8am… *yawn*
2. Also, my first drink of alcohol in 31 days. Hello, beer.
3. Check out this awesome article from Pitt News about my derby league (you just might spot me in the gallery too *wink*).
5. Interviewing for a local non-profit internship position for a really cool project. Wish me luck!
6. Boredom (and me) explained! (in under 300 words) {from PsyBlog}
7. How to cope with failure {from PsychCentral}

Tell me what’s part of your Weekend Therapy!

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