the week:
I hate the time change. I haven’t been able to sleep properly all week, even being purposeful about going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping through three different waking up with my pre-set alarms. And GAWD, isn’t it just the most-draggiest week?

Road trip to DC for the Rock n’ Roll series of running events — 5K for me, and my friend Lauren will be running that with me. The rest of the crew will be tackling the half: Chelsea, Steff, and Kelsey. I volunteered for a RnR marathon in Phoenix over a decade ago, but have never participated. It’s a super-fun race environment, the medals are awesome, AND Better Than Ezra at the finish party?! TAKE ALL MY MONEY. Ok, please not all of it.

Also, I think this is my first race since… November? To be honest, I’m a little nervous about my knee. And the rain. SIGH.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#8 A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin: I’m on a female comedienne-author book club kick. I was ALL IN to this book… until the weird chapter about Woz. I didn’t laugh out loud, but overall this one was a fun and juicy read.

#9 Bossypants: by Tina Fey. HILARIOUS, actually laugh out loud. I couldn’t read it in bed because the chuckling would annoy my boyfriend. Definitely recommend!

seven things, seven days:
1. New curtains for the living that I found on Overstock for, like, half of what others are selling linen panels for. Although 1 out of 4 panels they sent was shorter length (even though the package says otherwise). HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!
2. Taxes are done — holy crap, I’m getting a refund this year! After a few years of mostly freelancer income, this is so wonderful.
3. Dentist took two more old silver fillings out this week (a super-fun appointment scheduled before work). While I am happier about the whiter molar smile, OMG did my face really need to be numb until 1 in the afternoon?
4. Obsessed this week with mid-90s punk and alt-rock music. Thanks, YouTube!
5. I really want the opportunity to volunteer (undergrad-style) as part of a Psyching Team this summer for a marathon. Send me leads!
6. Daylight-Saving Time is bad for your relationships {via WSJ}
7. Speaking of your valuable time: is it worth more than money? Finding the balance between time and money {via NYTimes}

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