the week:
Today is National Run at Work Day, so I’m going to see what it’s like running at my lunch break (and then returning to my desk all sweaty and smelly for the duration of the day). I’ll be certainly putting my sMEL U moniker to the test. I have also already added to my list to use my Bath & Body Works gift card towards some body sprays that I can keep at my desk. Plus, my five miles will be over and out of the way so that I can enjoy my Friday happy hour.

I’ll be watching the WFTDA D1 Jacksonville Playoffs and cheering for my former teammates in black n’ gold throughout the weekend. The Steel Hurtin’ have already won their first game this morning and play again at 4pm against the Seed 1 Team (London). NAIL BITING NERVOUS EXCITEMENT.

I am also having a massage and a facial this weekend. Getting there should be fun. And then I’m going out for some retail therapy. #earnedit

Hopefully we get some kind of cool front so that I can have a good 16(ish) mile-run this weekend too. And I guess there’s a football game or something.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#32: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson — loved, loved, loved this book. I plan to write a lengthier review about it as part of another post. Important take-aways (for me): the shame spreads wider than the person being shamed (often at the person/s doing the shaming); the internet is a gross place; and yet another disparity between men and women. And when the book ended, I wanted more.

seven things, seven days:
1. I ate tomatoes again. In the form of tomato jam on a hamburger because OMG THE KETCHUP CRAVINGS. And I think I might altogether start reintroducing nightshades (or maybe just tomatoes) into my diet again because I feel all right.
2. Had lunch at the new Yard Gastropub Market Square location with my (now former) work team. Gluten-free bread at a grilled cheese place makes me a very happy downtown worker despite all the annoying workplace crap going on. Though I secretly wish Yard could dedicate a fryer so that I could have those sweet potato waffle fries!
3. I have two more cracked teeth in my mouth per my six-month dental check-up. FFS.
4. Favorite read of the week (going to miss this show so much): Psychology lessons from Key and Peele
5. Why do runners get slower with age? Ugh, age. {via NY Times}
6. Like your flextime but also feeling symptoms of burnout? You might not be balancing your job demands, job resources and recovery properly. {via Huffington Post}
7. Why do we compete? {via The Atlantic}

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