the week:
Happy First Day of Spring! And Happy International Day of Happiness! And Happy International Macaron Day (freebies at both Jean Marc and Gaby et Jules, by the way). And OMG Gaby et is setting up a location within the new fancy-schmancy grocery store opening in downtown next month). (I’ve had a lot of sugar today, including chocolate-caramel popcorn from Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.)


Oh yes… it was also my 6-YEAR anniversary this week! We celebrated by going for burgers at Benjamin’s (I drank almost a full bottle of wine, save for the glass that I knocked over and the glass I gave to my neighbor) and went to see Cold War Kids. Ah, blissful normal-ness.

OMG does my house need some spring lovin’ (that’ll be me up on a ladder, trying out the new fan blade cleaning trick with a pillow case that I saw on Pinterest!) I also have to tweak the living room layout, clean the wood floors, lay down a new rug, replace my one off-sized window panel, vacuum EVERYTHING… I’m putting the boyfriend to work outside to clean up the courtyard. Because, SPRING!

seven things, seven days:
1. Registered for the Niagara Falls International Marathon in October. Half-excited, half freaking out.
2. Also getting more serious about training now, and signed up for coaching through Steel City Road Runners.
3. And so long as I make it through this year’s longest of long runs, I’m planning for Prague Marathon in 2016.
4. I also now have a mentor through AASP.
5. While we’re on the topic, The Sports Psychology of March Madness. {via Sporting News} FWIW, I’m in the “Sleepers” bracket category at work for only properly guessing 9 out of 16 in the first round. First prize is a free vacation day. GIMME!
6. Designer juice is for assholes. YES, THIS. {via The Financial Diet – add to your blog reader!}
7. The Methodology for Psychology Podcast gets me moving (and smarter!) in the morning. But as the days get nicer, I’ll be walking to work more, and I’m already going through more episodes than there are sunny days. Have any interesting psychology podcasts to recommend?

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  • The Niagara Falls Half sounds like a fun race. I haven’t been up there in years.