the week:
I started making plans for what I wanted to do once I finished my degree program (in THREE WEEKS!), and my focus will be on decluttering my life. I have this really weird habit of making sure that I have back-ups of stuff that I *might* need when something runs out, and sometimes it’s months before I actually need it. I have hundreds (thousands) of people who I follow over a variety of social media platforms who add no value to the online conversation. My brain is cluttered. My house is cluttered (albeit organized). My inbox is cluttered. My twitter is too noisy.

I seriously have 20 things already on its own Uncluttering to-do list, and I am serious about living a more minimalist life. I feel as though I’m drowning in stuff lately… and frankly? I don’t want to clean or organize it anymore.

I have, like, 10 hours of OMMMMMM planned for the Whirl YogaFest on Saturday (place any bets if I actually wake up for the 6am session?). And Sunday is this summer’s last (boo!) OpenStreets PGH event. I’ve got another 6-mile run on my plan for the morning, so I’ll be running with SCRR peeps again.

52 books in 52 weeks:
I feel as though I’ve been reading this book I’m on forever… and I’m only 20% through. I’m wondering if I should just switch to something else.

seven things, seven days:
1. Do you get the daily helloprompt newsletter? Every day there is an amazing source of inspiration within. It’s a beautiful and fun little community.
2. Before I implement a self-imposed shopping strike, I bought myself a little something (and something else) from the lululemon factory sale and because I’m not buying cheap, trendy workout shit anymore.
3. This week, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar titled: How to Deal with Difficult People. Isn’t it great when you learn a little bit more about yourself at these things? (I’m totally High C, “get it right”-type personality, by the way.)
4. Propelled (*honk*) by the ladies of Propelle, I did this 60-second/30 circles creativity test. Follow along on social media #propelle30
5. Came home from work last night to cat puke all over the sitting room (including the couch and side tables, wtf), and dotted along the hallway and dining room. SRSLY, CATS.
6. More of the same from the gluten-free haters… or, rather, the people who want to be first in line to pitchfork someone for wanting to feel better by adapting their diet. Don’t read the comments. Also: do you even understand what placebo effect means, bro? UGH. The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten. {via NYT}
7. Rethinking exercise as a source of immediate rewards. {via NYT}

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