the week:
SUPER stressful week, but I got some great news: I got a new job! So, I’ll be wrapping up my contract work with my Pittsburgh company. I have Iowa plates for my car. We also finally finished the transfer of our house in the Burgh, so we’re back to owning just one house (ha!) and I guess that officially completes our Pittsburgh chapter. Now, I just need to update my driver’s license.

mel_pappajohn statue des moines

Last weekend, we finally visited the sculpture park in downtown Des Moines.

I’ve let a lot of things lapse since moving: sleep, my diet, exercise…

So, this weekend, I will REST (and probably hang some shit up on my walls). And NO GLUTEN. I cheated last weekend (BRUNCH!) for only the 2nd time in a little over 2 years, and have slept more hours in a week than I did for the entire last year [end hyperbole, BUT STILL — like, 9pm complete crash times every night]. My body completely and totally rejected my lapse in judgment on my diet. And gave me my first awful canker sore in 2 years, too. I’m sure it’s no coincidence. If I get an eczema outbreak, I’m going to be so mad at myself.

Ok, Ok, so we’re going to do ONE event this weekend: There’s a roller derby bout in West Des Moines that we’re going to check out!

seven things, seven days:
1. I keep putting too much trust in myself, not using GPS when I’m driving around. And welp… I’m LOST. Seriously. From the same parking lot three times this week.
2. One of my cats started recently begging for food at his feeding time and OMG the ADORBS mews on him.
3. I took one of those wine subscription quizzes that results in suggestions to purchase — and answered differently each time to get unique picks. Wellll, NOPE. Same.exact.selections. That’s some bullshit.
4. Do you ever buy furniture online? I’ve purchased our sectional online at a discount outlet, our sofa on Amazon (yes, really!), a large corner chair on Wayfair, and two side chairs from Home Decorators online (only those last two items I’m still waiting to be delivered). We were looking for budget pieces because of the cats, but I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality!
5. ahhhhhhhhhh! I just realized that my birthday is a month away. :-/
6. I got my treadmill delivered this morning! Now, NO EXCUSES to get a couple short runs in per week.
7. 10 reasons why you should run the IMT Des Moines Marathon! (I’m signed up for the half!)

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  • I bought my bed on Wayfair and LOVE it! I was nervous, but thanks to Facebook crowdsourcing, I heard from so many friends who had purchased items and loved them!

  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re staying in good health this week! Also, please tell me your discount furniture shopping ways. My couch is from my parents (from the 80s) and a few other pieces are from the church next door and they are all beaten to hell and back. I’d never guess Amazon had furniture!

    • Mel

      I check West Elm regularly for their furniture sales/clearance deals. Their stuff is typically REALLY good quality, and I’ve had several pieces move with me from place-to-place because of how long they’ve held up! I also get the emails from Joss & Main, and price-check against what’s at Home Collectors and Overstock. The Amazon thing is really a last resort — if I find a certain product, again, I’ll price-check it across several sites by searching for the brand or style description. Happy hunting! 🙂