the week:
wooooo… So much schoolwork before leaving for another weekend. I’ve also taken a LOT of assessments for an assignment, and I’m not sure if I know myself more — or less. Huh. I’ll let you know with certainty after I finish my analysis.

Does it seem as though all I’m doing is traveling this month? Because, yes.

In Philly for a game, then off to NYC for a couple days to visit my sister and niece!

52 books in 52 weeks:
I’m going to give this thing a try again.
1. Gluten Freedom
2. StrengthFinder 2.0 – and additional assessment book recommended by my instructor for my Personal Development course

Yep. I finished two books in one week. And did an assload of homework. Where’s my cookie?

seven things, seven days:
1. Gluten-free pop tarts. GLUTEN-FREE POP TARTS.
2. I dropped my phone in the toilet… Thankfully, I remembered the RICE method, and it seems that I thwarted a drowned disaster.
3. Sooooo I’m going to be starting an internship some time in July. It’s not in Psychology, sadly (I’m still looking!), but hopefully I can pad my research and analytic skills somewhat in a marketing/non-profit setting.
4. A phrase of value this week: Self knowledge is the foundation of wisdom.
5. Achieving Happiness on vacation: the keyword is SAVOR.
6. I’m interested to know your thoughts about this article: I loved AA. Here’s why I left.
7. Oldie-but-goodie: a call for an introverted positive psychology. {Psychology Today}

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