the week:
Drop/Add. Drop a class, add a class. Drop a run, drop another run… add in feeling really overwhelmed. Order from the gluten-free menu, add all the nightshades (and enjoy every bite of intoxicatingly-hot pickled pepper and spicy sausage).

Back to that theme of balance… Ahem. I have been really enjoying my new routine of walking to work and listening to Psychology podcasts — yes, even in winter — but this bitter cold is all TOO MUCH. I decided to skip out on the Cupid’s Undie Run this weekend too because… NOPE.

Needed this inspiration this week.

Needed this inspiration this week.


After working late Friday, finishing up my final assignments and reflection paper on Saturday (and probably imbibing in something buttery and/or chocolately), I will be looking forward to that extra day off. We’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day by going to see Casablanca with the Symphony on Sunday evening.

Bee tee dubs: If you’re in the Pittsburgh area — and I KNOW you need to stock up on toilet paper and bread for this snow storm — head over to Giant Eagle on Sunday to sample Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps (one of my new favorite snacks!). Stay tuned this week for an Annie Chun’s giveaway!

seven things, seven days:
1. Bought my first pair of ballet shoes since, I don’t know… Kindergarten? INTENTIONS.
2. Went to a networking event from some new local organized event company, and it was quite blah. Also, I couldn’t eat any of the food, didn’t want gin or cheap rum (with the ONE free drink ticket), and they changed the venue at the last minute! Had more fun “networking” with my friends elsewhere… see #3.
3. Heck yeah, I bought a bottle of champagne for me and my friends this week to celebrate. Life is pretty great right now. (And I cannot resist a sparkler.)
4. So much awesome in the mail this week with both my PopSugar Must Haves box and Ipsy sampler.
5. First paycheck!!!
6. “This is going to be the best day ever” and “thank you”: How 11 words and 5 minutes can make every day the best one ever. {via Muse}
7. What it feels like to have iron willpower {via Summer Tomato}

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