the week:
What is it about summer that brings about a full schedule of activities? Last weekend saw a double win from our travel teams, an after-after after party that was so much fun, and an awesome weather Sunday on bikes around the city (with patio sangria at Seviche and Jazz festival). My sister came to hang out with me in the middle of the week, and we went over to the Arts Festival to see Glen Hansard. Electric lemonade! And all of the terrible-but-awesome festival food.

three rivers arts festival

The week was a span of really, really good days with friends and family. Reminds me how I need to hang with those people more often and not get so caught up in the social anxiety aspect of being too busy.

pittsburgh fountain

It’s the last weekend of the Arts Festival (Airborne Toxic Event is performing tonight) and Pride in Pittsburgh! Saturday morning, a few of us are scrimmaging at the Miner’s Festival in Johnstown (a place I haven’t been to since I was a kid). We’re taking the scenic route (and I’m taking the Dramamine). Sunday, I’m skating in the Pride march with my leaguemates.

Sadder, bittersweet news: my family is having a house sale at my grandparents (and more sad news, my grandma fell and broke her hip this week). Although I don’t think I can fit “go home to Ohio” in my plans this weekend, I will be seeing all my sisters and nieces before the end of the month.

52 books in 52 weeks:
Started yet another book that was incredibly dumb; thankfully, only got 17% in before I cut it out of my life. And then another one — this, only 10% through. More dumb. But that set back my reading goal for the week. again. Grrrr.

seven things, seven days:
1. Team Magenta! (that’s for my roller derby ladies out there)
2. We have a new privacy fence! And topsoil is laid in our soon-to-be greenspace on our courtyard. Sod gets laid next week.
3. Dumb sore knee – is it because of the weather or because of bike riding? Because it’s dumb.
4. Can you believe I already received my renewed passport? Expedited service seriously took, like, 10 days.
5. Finally found a BB Cream that I LOVE.
6. These (supposedly dissolvable) internal stitches are starting to poke out of my face. It’s so weird… and so annoying.
7. Seemed appropriate: Good-bye Weekend — How Our Connected World is Ruining Them from Psych Central

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