the week:
Um, guys? I’m so bored! hahahahahah

But seriously, my week started off with a confirmed broken pinky (chip fracture). And after a couple days off (and one serious day of pain and crankiness), I feel better. A little emotionally drained but better. I went back to run//yoga Wednesday night too, and aside from not doing any floats or crazy inversions, yoga seemed OK for my finger. I definitely had to listen to my body a lot in this practice to be conscious of where I placed my weight. Kind of a welcome change in pace for me.

Podcamp PGH X! My intention this year is to learn all that I can about podcasting. I think it might be something I want to dip into this year.

We were also asked to include our garden/courtyard in a strolling poetry reading throughout our neighborhood, in a collaboration with City of Asylum. Each reading is from a specific poet who wrote about the individual gardens in which they are presenting. The collective experience sounded amazing to be a part of, and the boyfriend has been tirelessly prepping the garden (while I write out to-do lists and requests, of course).

52 books in 52 weeks:
Finally finished a book (decided to put the other one to the side, temporarily), which leaves me a couple books behind on my goal, but I have nothing but time to make it up!
#28: The Connection Algorithm: Take Risks, Defy the Status Quo, and Live Your Passions
I was able to finish this book quickly, and there were a few life-affirming gems within it — but I felt the content skewed more towards tech/entrepreneurs and their livelihoods. Interesting read though!

seven things, seven days:
1. Ice wine chocolate, yeah. I just realized today too that maybe these aren’t appropriate for the office?
2. Also, we brought home three bottles of ice wine from duty free.
3. We have approved “jeans day” for the duration of August at work (however, those dang August temperatures aren’t very denim-friendly). I’d like to have Yoga Pants August, please.
4. Would you be surprised that I filled every single night of my week with socializing? (If you saw my face right now, you would *know* that I overdid it.)
5. First post-degree-completion meltdown: CHECK!
6. Why telling kids to dream big is a BIG FAT LIE {via aeon}
7. How my therapist gave me the best career advice {via The Financial Diet}

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