the week:
After a week of bad shoe rubbing and heel AND toe blisters from work shoes (FLATS, no less), I am COMMITTED to only buying and wearing shoes that feel good. In two different orders, I purchased seven — yes, SEVEN (two different orders, aka: post-work breakdowns) — pairs of “comfort brand shoes” from Zappos (who have an amazing return policy, so I wasn’t nervous). I know that this sounds wholly gratuitous, but it’s solely out of desperation. I have hit my breaking point in wearing uncomfortable shoes — and I freaking drive to work now!

I have expressed my love of Cobb Hill shoes, but I wanted to branch out and try some others. Yes, a couple pairs of this order were Cobb Hill (I hate change!), but I also bought a pair each of Clarks, Born and Earth. I can tell you that the Clarks already went back because they rubbed the inside arch of my right foot. Sad, because they were super cute and had two-color leather uppers, which are SO hard to find!

More later on this madness.

We’re going to Boone, Iowa for a KCBS competition and a “BBQ Cruise & Brew” — doesn’t that sound very Midwest?

seven things, seven days:
1. I pulled the trigger on Trunk Club {referral link!}, since I need new denim and seriously don’t feel like shopping for work clothes right now. I’m excited to get my first box! Maybe this is it for shopping then this season. Aside from my birthday Fix.
2. Jeopardy is on at 3:30 in the afternoon in Des Moines — so monsters (in the form of TV schedulers) are real, you guys!
3. Is it legal to murder your washer and dryer because of the dumb 30-second song they play at the end of a cycle? Asking for a friend.
4. What’s that saying about listening to lazy workers to learn about efficiency? Here’s the Lazy Way to kill bad habits.
5. NEED THIS: Wage gap alarm clock. They’re not actually being produced, but some amazing ladies like my needs-to-be-bestie Shonda (*wink*) got a prototype.
6. Dang, this makes me miss spinning so much! (I have the classes available at Life Time, but haven’t fit them into my schedule yet… soon!)
7. Sorry to end on such a sad note, but I’m sincerely bummed about Prince’s death. Here’s my favorite song — ugh, these lyrics are perfection:

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