the week:
Seeking: power & aggression. An area of play that I REALLY need to tap into. I feel like I’ve almost got my finger, err hip on it…

BOUT WEEKEND! Super stoked that I have a group of friends coming to see me play too. I’ll be skating in TWO BOUTS (travel season home opener and home team season championships!).

Pre-bout, my dad is visiting for lunch. He lives in Ohio, but just so happens to be in town for a performance Saturday night (he’s a musician).

Then, I get to help a good friend celebrate her birthday with mimosa brunch at Doublewide Grill (so good).

seven things, seven days:
1. Received a super-fun care package from Brown Paper Tickets. Thank you!
2. Happy Hour at Ikea — in the kitchen department (seriously!)
3. My passport expired last month. THE SADS!
4. This month’s Julep Maven box is total score – and I’m absolutely LOVING Lucky!
5. My cleaning ladies never showed for their appointment this week… So. Frustrating. Especially when you wait around the house all day for them to show.
6. Can’t. Stop. Furniture. Shopping. Does this happen to everyone right after interior paint colors change?
7. Super nervous thinking about Monday’s dentist appointment already.

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