the week:
Holy recovery! All things considered, I didn’t feel too bad this week for running 10 freaking miles. My hip was really bothering me the day after the race, so I’ve been foam rolling all week and stretching between customers at work. I would also really, really like to get a short 2-mile-ish run in before the end of the week to “stretch” everything out.

Race weekend is finally here! There will be all the hot chocolate with ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS.

seven things, seven days:
1. New gluten-free bakery in Columbus? CHECK. Gimme all of your Oatmeal Creme Pies!
2. Basically, I will be in a sugar coma until Wednesday.
3. Did I tell you that I signed up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon? Yep. DOING IT.
4. MY MASTER BATHROOM IS ALMOST DONE. Up next: master bedroom walk-in closet. What.
5. Have any advice for how to manage extreme hunger during long runs? I seem to be an anomaly, whereas other runners don’t think about food for ALL THE MILES.
6. The age-old question: Can Money Buy Happiness? Well… kinda. But you’re probably doing it wrong. {via The Wall Street Journal}
7. The Psychology of the Supermarket. Don’t shop hungry, Phil. {via Bon Appetit}

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