the week:
I’ve felt rushed, tense, and scattered all week. I’ve felt burned out by city life. I’ve been mostly unmotivated to work out. Not enough hours in the day to do everything on my list. Not enough days in the week to catch up. Craving to slow down and feel some sense of peace… but apparently not this week.

Checking out for the weekend. Bye, Felicia. See above.

Although I’ll admit that I am super-bummed to be missing the Harvest Moon race this weekend. This 5K has been my regular race each year (or more closely: my annual fitness test), even when I wasn’t training at all. There’s also a 10-mile race as part of the fun.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#33: In the Unlikely Event by by Judy Blume – I haven’t read a good bit of fiction in SO LONG. And I absolutely loved this book. True to form, upon reaching the last 100 pages, I couldn’t put it down.

That said, I’m still 6 books behind schedule for this year’s goal. Since I’m shutting down over the weekend, I’ll definitely finish another 1-2. But I’m definitely feeling some stress at being able to catch up (for what it’s worth: at least, I’m still enjoying reading outside of school materials every day, very much).

seven things, seven days:
1. So, they’re filming a Ewan McGregor movie literally right outside my door this week; however, don’t let that hype fool you — it’s wholly disruptive and annoying. Thankfully, night two of filming was a lot quieter.
2. It’s on my 30s Life List to bike the GAP Trail — now revised as a “luxe” cycling trip.
3. Speaking of my 30-something bucket list, I have a LOT of stuff to cross off in less than two years!
4. Relevant: WHY you should taper {via Runners World}
5. Also relevant: How to stop skipping your workouts FOR GOOD (or, at least, for today) {via MyFitnessPal blog}
6. The psychology behind FOMO {via Slate}
7. MORE RELEVANCE: What happens to your body during a marathon. Pretty interesting video!

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  • So I need to come back and take a look at those links when I have time. I’ve always wondered what happened to my body when I was like, “Bitch, you’re gonna keep moving for 13.1 miles so deal.” I hope the weekend let out check out a little bit and enjoy reading and getting comfortable.

    And how did I not know Ewan McGregor was in town filming?? It’s like I’m living in a work-induced coma all the time.