the week:
Starting the week on a 4-day stretch of headaches was no way to jump start my training routine! I think I’ve only had one migraine in my life, but this felt dangerously close to one at times — Tylenol wasn’t working, a massage didn’t work, coffee only subdued it temporarily (cheese plates made me happier, but depressingly do nothing for headaches either). My eyes were super light-sensitive and unfocused; the pain radiated from behind my eyes all the way to the innards of my cranial cavity. I can tell you that wine all but made it disappear, but returned with a roaring vengeance the next morning (with a noxious hangover, natch). Since nothing alleviated my symptoms, I’m left to think I was glutened something harsh last week, and darn it if I can’t figure out from what! See also: hormones.

The reality is that I’m now a week behind in my training for the 10-miler, and I’m just going to dust myself off and try it again (and so far, on schedule!).

Wine course from our Bar Marco dinner last weekend.

Wine course from our Bar Marco dinner last weekend.

Birthday celebration tonight for a friend downtown (there may be more champagne with sparklers). The National Aviary is having one of their 21+ events too, Party in Paradise, which I’m also hoping to attend (albeit late).

I am also SO looking forward to a scheduled (and “free”) facial at my massage place for continuing my membership (yeah, those monthly massages are splurge-worthy AND necessary for this 30-something body).

And holy CRAP do I have a laundry list of shit to do and homework this weekend.

seven things, seven days:
1. Someone finally came over and took away my old couch (bittersweet, a bit). But YAY! My new sofa is finally in my living room (and now all the decorating re-begins).
2. A lunchtime dentist appointment brought about the scheduling for replacement of two silver fillings from, like, 20+ years ago. I seriously have A HOLE in the filling of my last molar. This reality? WHOLE PAYCHECK.
3. This week the Cultural Trust announced their 2015-2016 PNC Broadway Across America season (and specials) with a fun party at the Byham.
4. YES. >> “Books like The Secret are like McDonald’s for the mind. They’re easy and make you feel good, but they also make you mentally fat and lazy, and emotionally, you die a much more painful death.” {via the ever-provoking and awesome Mark Manson}
5. 30 YEARS of reality television, of which I have consumed with much guilty pleasure — a retrospective via Pacific Standard.
6. What you need to know about limiting beliefs: a really great post from Belief Alchemy, with includes some helpful exercises. How can you change your reality?
7. The research of walking vs. high-intensity interval training in The New York Times.

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