the week:
Recovery has been nice! I’m one my first of TWO WHOLE WEEKS without running. I started my ladies’ golf clinics and went roller skating for a few miles (including wiping out in the grass within the first five minutes lol). I feel like I have all the energy and time in the world — using it to clean out dressers and organize closets… and, um, drink a lot of wine.

wine is in your future

Being fresh off a marathon finish has also given me a new kind of confidence to take on all the other life bullshit falling into the Procrastination category, and I’m on a roll crossing things off my to-do list! #gettingshitdone

I volunteered this morning at Dam to Dam at the Tacopocalypse food table. It was so hot, and I was SO happy not to be running. Sorry to all the runners who didn’t get any pork nachos — we ran out of food after only 2 hours. :(

I plan to go for a bike ride tomorrow morning, and then partake in a little Sunday Funday (and probably Jethro’s BBQ brunch). I’m kinda liking this run-free summer lifestyle right now.

And here’s how to make your weekend feel longer. I love the first comment on the article: Don’t sleep in.

seven things, seven days:
1. Can you believe the back brake pads and rotors of my NEW CAR had to be replaced already? Crazy.
2. I put on my big girl pants and cancelled my gym membership (that I barely used once a month).
3. And now I need a place to do drop-in yoga. Any suggestions for Des Moines, preferably west/northwestern suburbs? No membership, please.
4. Got any early favorites for this season’s The Bachelorette? ?
5. Deep Inside Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos. I haven’t had Taco Bell in a few years, but I still crave it like my post-party, bar-crawling former 20-something self.
6. The Rise and (Maybe) Fall of Influencers {via NYT}
7. Brutalist redesigns of your favorite social platforms. BE STILL MY BRUTALISM-LOVING HEART. {via The Verge}

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