the week:
Stitches are out (well, dissolved). Steri-strips are IN… err, on. One more week of bandages and of not getting my “wound” wet. ANNOYING. I just want to take a shower like a normal person.

Friday is 21+ night at the Carnegie Science Center — wine & cheese science, I’m all about that. Saturday, we’re meeting up with a couple friends for our favorite brunch place. We also have another home Power game!

Sunday, is the Comic Arts Festival, hosted by the Toonseum. Our roller derby league is a vendor during the event — a full block closed downtown on Liberty for pedestrians to walk and bike… and skate — and share the love of the comic arts and meet their favorite cartoon characters. I’m excited for us to be a part of this inaugural event.

52 books in 52 weeks:
What Do We Do Now? by Keith Malley and Chemda — prompted by my new-found love of podcasts, this couple (and their comedic podcast) was introduced to me via twitter. That same friend brought me their book to last weekend’s tailgate. I read it front-to-back in one day. While I could do without the generalized, misogynistic tone that the male counterpart frequently “advises,” overall it was a fun and easy read.

seven things, seven days:
1. More to read: PsychCentral gives 3 Tips to Find a Couples Therapist
2. And the Art of Manliness tells you how to communicate your needs in a relationship.
3. Finally used my sample of TONX. Quite good, this Caranavi Bolivian coffee.
4. I had a helluva time trying to figure out all these greens in my CSA.
5. So excited that I got these cute printed LOFT shorts for 40% off. Not-so-excited that the sizing is ALL WRONG. Not even close to the size chart. I’ll be spending what I saved on tailoring. Lame.
6. Weekend Therapy: this apple flower cocktail from A Beautiful Mess. Mmmm, Benedictine.
7. I have klout in ice cream, apparently: received coupons for two free Blue Bunny products and a new scooper.

Happy Summer!

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