the week:
The last week of the month when you work in the mortgage industry… AMIRITE?! Happy for some of that approved overtime, though this week felt really long.

FINALLY, a massage! Man do I miss the monthly splurge. I got a LifeTime Spa gift card for my birthday, which I get to enjoy almost two months later. Sunday morning, LifeTime is having a sunrise yoga poolside, which I’m going to try to make wake up for!

And we made it to the long, holiday weekend! Whatever your plans, I hope there are fireworks. 😉

seven things, seven days:
1. Ahhhh, my MIL sent me A Million Cats coloring book. It’s so fabulous!
2. I met the kitties’ new sitter this week! It’s a big relief to find someone so great, and one more thing to cross off our move list.
3. I also FINALLY made appointments for both my new doctor and new dentist.
4. MarathonFOTO sent me a holiday coupon for 50% off my photos from the Gasparilla half marathon – I had an AWESOME photo from that race (and it’s my current PR), so I’m really pumped about this!
5. This week, I’ve been getting the STRANGEST (and most annoying) missed calls on my cell phone. Including two missed calls from Egypt. WTH?! No messages, of course.
6. Why we like what we like {via Guardian}
7. Why do we still not know how our periods affect our athletic performance? Crazy. {via Pacific Standard}

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