the week:
I’m having another not-so-great week of feeling REALLY lethargic and exhausted. I’m truly now feeling the pressure (and by extension, stress) to be and do All the Things and the associated downward spiral of thinking (and inaction). I wish I could just stop doing that to myself! I plan to use some of these Unconventional Productivity tips from zen habits to reset and refocus (and, hopefully, gain back some of my energy). It’s such a great list!

30-something therapy pressure is privilege


We have tickets to Caberet tonight, and a midday date tomorrow for the Sewickley Chocolate Walk (The event sold out quickly, so I’m glad we jumped on tickets early!). We haven’t had a date night in such a long time, and we have two fun things to celebrate together. #blessed

And on Sunday, we’ll be positively gorging ourselves on terrible (but delicious!) football appetizers at home, while watching all the fun Super Bowl commercials. I’ll run at some point though, PROMISE.

seven things, seven days:
1. Did you pay attention to the Iowa Caucus this week? Coming from a state where we have primaries, the whole caucus system is fascinating, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about the process (since I’ve, admittedly, not paid attention to it in the past). I can honestly say that I’m currently coming from a place of being an undecided/uncommitted voter, so I’m definitely paying attention!
2. Knowing when it’s time to quit – that’s some kind of pressure for athletes, ya know? {via NPR}
3. Speaking of sports pressure: The mental strength of quarterbacks in Super Bowl 50 {via CNN}
4. Have you heard of Well, I’m all about new yoga brands, so interested to see where this referral/social media blitz takes us. [Sign up, too, if you’re also intrigued!]
5. Appropriate (even if I hate use of the word “girl”): 18 things a roller derby girl can relate to {via Buzzfeed}
6. How to finally stop procrastinating (for real) {via FastCompany}
7. Oh. Maybe that’s it. Why your high-intensity feelings may be tiring you out {via HBR}

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  • I am bookmarking all of those articles to read (and the yesiyoga link – interesting!) I completely feel you on the pressure and stress and feeling inactive. Thanks for sharing the unconventional productivity tips. I so need to reset too.

  • I hadn’t heard of yes I yoga but am definitely intrigued & signing up! Thanks for the link to that unconventional productivity post. I’ve gotten bad with wanting to do so many things that I never complete any of them. I’m going to try the pause training for sure.