the week:
Well, I’m glad my two new classes are rolling out slow this week, as I hit my midway point in my Coaching class (and have another paper due this weekend), AND I started my new job on Wednesday. I have a lot of nervous energy, but through my peer coaching sessions, I made some good measurable goals to take me through this transition with (hopefully) little anxiety and a lot of success and openness.

I have to say, I am loving the autonomy and flexibility that comes with this position (no more asking for bathroom or lunch breaks). But holy crap, you guys, I have been EXHAUSTED.

I’m excited for a Trigger Point workshop hosted at the new yoga/spinning studio Urban Elements on Federal Street (North Shore) on Saturday — it’s targeted to runners and athletes with and emphasis on myosfascial techniques and work on mobility and flexibility or injury points common with runners.

Then, I’m GETTING MY HAIR DONE! (finally.) It’s also the Super Bowl this weekend, if you’re into that…

52 books in 52 weeks:
#5: Coaching & Mentoring at Work: Developing Effective Practice — my required textbook for my Organizational Coaching class, but finished the book in advance of some intense assignments coming up for the next couple weeks.

seven things, seven days:
1. Snow, YAY! LOTS of snow. Woah.
2. I tried out three different modes of commuting to work this week: car, walking, and bus. It’s certainly a benefit that I have options!
3. Is it silly that the thing that made me most nervous about my first day at work was lunch with my boss because of all my diet restrictions. (edit: it went fine — but of course I had to return my salad when it came out with tomatoes.)
4. LOTS of fancy deluxe-size sample goodies came with my Bergdorf beauty order, and my feminine side is all SQUEE.
5. Received — and LOVE — my new furniture from West Elm. Now I need to get this old couch out of here!
6. Some perspective we all need to consider: How to embrace Plan B {via Carrie Cheadle}
7. As I have been exploring more about the topic of Authenticity, I came across: The Authenticity Paradox {via Harvard Business Review}

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