the week:
RECOVERY is the word of the week. After skating 4 games in 3 days and driving 8+ hours to/from Evansville, Indiana, with 1 (revenge) win and 3 losses, an elbow to the nose and a trip to the ER, my body and mind is ready for a mini break. Alas… feeling conflicted about the end of the season.

My favorite event in the Cultural District: Gallery Crawl! This one also features the Night Market again, which has been a popular feature of the quarterly gathering. It’s also date night, which… we need right now.

Also: here’s hoping I can actually finish my Statistics homework this weekend. I’m taking MUCH longer than the estimated time for these assignments, and basically burned out last week — unable to take the weekly quiz. Really hoping to make up the score too, but I feel like nothing is possible right now. SIGH.

seven things, seven days:
1. Went to my first Happiness Conspiracy meet-up, and it was so wonderful to meet new women who are doing amazing things in Pittsburgh. We also did something creative called black-out poetry, and I’m kind of obsessed with it!
2. Hahahahahahahahahah I signed up for my first 15K. In November. I’m so dumb. But, hot chocolate and peer pressure wins. And no, that 1 in front of the 5 was not a mistake… Probably.
3. Got all new bloodwork to see where my Vitamin D levels are. It was really good to hear confirmation from my doctor that I was making good diet decisions. Now, let’s hope my results agree.
4. Kinda-sorta-hadda start over on my diet restrictions, since I cheated with sugar during my tournament travels (baby needs her sport beans).
5. OMG you guys, I’m only 5’3″! My entire life being a 5’4″ woman is a lie. But at least I’m now officially petite?
6. I love Kate and her blog. Now that she’s in the 30 Club, I wanted to show off her recent post about cultivating personal style as a “jazzy old woman.”
7. What’s the #1 thing that prevents you from changing your habits? Summer Tomato with another wonderful post about limiting beliefs.

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