the week:
Man, it’s been HOT and swampy in Pittsburgh this week. I started off the week skating in the Pride march for the third year (yay!) — this, the afternoon after a HUGE win, which coincidentally, might be my last home bout (more feels on that later). And now I’m prepping for finals week in two of my classes (already had one final presentation Tuesday night in my Psychology of Personal Development Course).

I’m just crazy enough to think I can handle one more course this summer (but mostly because it’s Social Psychology, and I’m all GiMME ALL THE PSYCHOLOGY ELECTIVES).

Urban Garden Party: one of my favorite events in the ‘Burgh is tonight. The theme is Wild West, and I am a sucker for a theme party. Plus, the event is in our neighborhood, supporting the Mattress Factory museum, and you can’t beat parties that you can walk to-and-from! It’s also JazzFest all weekend, which we intend to enjoy on Sunday because I’m ALL HOMEWORKED OUT. And I really need a bike ride and some outdoor sangria.

seven things, seven days:
1. Received my first Cuisine Cube. Not only can I not eat half of the box (because of potato flour in ingredients), an item was missing. And customer service took nearly 5 days to respond. So frustrating. Although: gluten-free pancake mix from Shortstacks (as seen on: Shark Tank!).
2. Finally was able to attend a Pittsburgh Power game this season! They are blowing this season OUT, and actually have a chance of making the playoffs. Disappointed I couldn’t be more a part of this season, but here’s hoping they go post-season, and I can attend another game.
3. Personal dilemmas SUCK. That’s all you get from me, vague status update.
4. I’m going to be part of the APA Twitter Team during the annual convention in August! (!!!). You can follow along with the #APA2014 hashtag August 7-10 (I’ll be tweeting from my personal account).
5. From {tinybuddha}: How to create a happy future by accepting the present. So important.
6. From {brainblogger}: Facebook “Likes” and Twitter Followers Predict Personality Traits and More I’d recommend following the references and reading more too. Very interesting topics presented!
7. The new bed is getting put together this weekend!

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