the week:
First full week of my new job, and I’m (hopefully) filling into my role. I have business cards!

On the school front, I had to drop my first class in the program. I was feeling really overwhelmed with some of the course requirements — especially at already taking 16 credit hours. I’m hoping to get into another class that starts later this month, but my advisor has been completely MIA (which is a whole other unnerving thing in itself) and my student status is considered “overloaded.” STORY OF MY LIFE.

me_blue chair

Friday night was the ballet — Beauty & the Beast — and then half marathon kick-off weekend! Wow. It’s here. So I want to take my weekend full of “down time” to be active and OUTSIDE. Because we are all excited about 30-degree temperatures in this place.

seven things, seven days:
1. First evening CrossFit session, and I felt BEASTLY. Maybe there’s something there.
2. One group presentation out of the way!
3. I had a volunteer info meeting this week, which I thought was downtown, so I didn’t drive to work. And then I realized said location was not downtown at all, but in Oakland. Woof, my perception of things.
4. Feeling SUPER meh about my last StitchFix box. Even with notes to my stylist about needing new work pieces and redefining my classic style, this Fix fell WAY flat — as in, not work-appropriate for me at all. Also: another really cheap bracelet for $30 kinda pissed me off. Also-also, they sent me the SAME dress I already purchased from another box, but in a different color. What the heck?!
5. There’s nothing like waiting for a package from USPS… and finding it face-down, frozen in the ice in your side yard. Yeah, they basically just tossed it over the fence without care or regard. SIGH.
6. Oh, hey, it’s OK to be an overbearing pet parent (and yes, there is some merit to the “crazy cat lady” title) {via Science of US}
7. I loved the message behind this post from the Greater Good blog: Be divergent, not perfect.

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