Spurred by a (kinda depressing) article about the Olympics last week, I wanted to keep in the Olympics spirit for this week’s post.

the week:
The live Olympics stream has basically been a constant throughout the house this week. Even in the background, I find myself looking up and being completely mesmerized by all.things.sports. Especially the women.

We’re having a movie night with friends tonight, as I do enjoy my Rest Days to the max! But I’m also excited for all of the Olympic Track & Field races to begin.

Saturday, Life Time is holding a Foam Rolling Workshop, so I naturally signed up. Hopefully, I’ll get my butt up early enough to join social run club in the morning and foam roll immediately after. I’ll be ruining all that good work by filling my maw at the Iowa State Fair with all the foods on a stick.

seven things, seven days:
1. In the spirit of the Games (and our own Iowa State Fair), we had a corn shucking contest at work. This city girl won the first round, and got 2nd in the second round. WOOT!
2. Meet Simone Biles’ sports psychology coach. {via ESPNW}
3. Why is NBC’s coverage of the Olympics SO BAD?
4. This is kinda weird.
5. Mental tricks that Olympic athletes use to perform under pressure {via Business Insider}
6. Olympics athletes stay poor {via Washington Post}
7. How about that Michael Phelps expression? Definitely best meme on the Internet right now.

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